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>> Cihan Altay's Puzzle Competition
PQRST is a quarterly and online puzzle competition open to everybody. Competition will be in January, April, July and October.

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>> Patrick De Geest's World of Numbers In this restyled website you'll find a variety of facts and figures about topics from the World!Of Numbers . Don't look for a logical order. It is an amalgamation of randomly gathered numbers, curios, puzzles, palindromes, primes, gems, your much valued contributions and more general information. I hope you like also the reorganisation of my material into more manageable chunks. For old time's sake they are presented on a silver plate (of course I'm refering here to the background color!) just as the various menu's you are familiar with and which are still at your disposal further on. Enjoy!

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Aha! Puzzles
>> Original fun creative puzzles designed by Lloyd King, author of 'Test Your Creative Thinking' and 'Puzzles for the High IQ'.

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Aboard Puzzle Depot
>> Play free contests for prizes, play online logic or board games, solve puzzles and trivia teasers, and download related software.

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>> An entertaining and attractive site for kids of all ages with a compendium of jokes, games, puzzles, trivia, word play, party ideas, cartoons and other fun stuff, including three special sections, Tooned Up, Creativity Gym and Odd TV.

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>> Create your own puzzles and games: Mazes, Wordsearches, Criss-Cross Puzzles, Number Blocks, Cryptograms, Dropped Phrase puzzles, and more. Enter the specification of the puzzle you want, it appears on your screen, and you can then print it from your browser or, for example, copy it into a desk-top publishing program.

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Tough Puzzles and Logic Problems
>> From the pages of Britain's most challenging puzzle magazines, Tough Puzzles and Logic Problems, a selection of the best mind-bending brainteasers, deductive logic problems, numerical and cryptic crosswords.

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MSO Worldwide
>> This excellent site by Mind Sports Organisation (organizers of the UK's annual Mind Sports Olympiad) provides two new free puzzles every weekday by Puzzle Design and Creative Thinking medalist David Bodycombe plus an exclusive puzzle column every weekend - as well as online boardgames and other brain games.

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Go Ghoti
>> A very good directory of puzzle-related sites, including: on-line measures of IQ and personality, brain teasers, puzzles, computer puzzle games, and online games. You can also find out how the directory got its name - Go Ghoti.

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